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Broken phone screen repair


      Broken phone screen is the most common
problem  anyone  owns smartphone- and who
doesn’t own one these days- can  go  through.
When that happen, there re three options that
come to your mind:


Try repairing it yourself

Yes, you can do it yourself! Ordering the part for your busted phone screen online isn’t a hard job. However, you will need to make sure to order the right tools and try to take phone apart and remember how to get it together witch isn’t an easy job and it needs some training and expertise otherwise you will either break the new part or forget how to get it back together.


Try selling your broken phone screen

So your smartphone screen is cracked or busted, and you don’t like to spend money to fix it. Why not try to sell it to Cellutionz cell phone and laptop repair. We will make sure you will get the real value of the phone or we will trade your our new or used phone for your busted one.


Bring it to Cellutionz cell phone and laptop repair

Smartphone repair shops and kiosks are all over the place these days. For that it’s hard to choose what store you’re going to trust most for your device and more importantly the data in it. We, at Cellutionz, can insure you will get your device fixed and your data saved in a short time and for a competitive price. Call us to get a quote or send us an email and we will get back to your as soon as we could.


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