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Laptop and tablet repair


Cellutionz cell phone and laptop repair in Cincinnati, Ohio has the expertise needed to diagnose your devices for free and do your laptop and tablet repair for a very reasonable price. Our technician will be more than happy to offer you the following services:

  • Screen replacement

  • Virus clean up

  • Logiciels and O.S. instalation

  • Fixing charging port problems

  • Treating heating issues

  • Repairing camera and micro problems

  • And more...


Cellutionz cell phone and laptop repair technician has the training and knowldge necessary to do all kind of laptop and tablet repair. We have been fixing all brands such Apple, Samsung, HP, Toshiba, Microsoft, Sony, Asus and other products.

If your laptop or tablet has a broken or black screen keep your device off and don't try to charge it till your bring to our store. We will do a free diagnostic and tell you what's wrong with it and let your decide if you want to fix it or not.

At Cellutionz, we don't charge our customers for work we didn't do, we charge them only when we get the work done. That's what make us different.

At Cellutionz, we can turn your broken tablet to a brand new device. We have the tools and the parts necessary to do the job in professional manner.


Feel free to contact Cellutionz cell phone and laptop repair for a free quote!








Don't miss your professional or educational meeting because your laptop or tablet is broken, let Cellutionz help you be present in all your important meeting.

We do quality laptop and tablet repair job to keep you doing your professional or educational tasks.


cell phone and laptop repair

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